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Oxygen is very important for good health. The green algae do produce the most oxygen on earth. Trees and other plants on th eland to consume the oxygen at night. The animals and humans do consume the oxygen all the time. The algae in the oceans help to clean the atmosphere on earth. Good health is very important for good life. The fresh air and fresh oxygen can help to improve the health.

The green algae can produce fresh oxygen in the aquarium. The fish can breath the fresh oxygen and become happy. The water with a lot of oxygen is more transparent and more clean. The oxygen can create clean water for the fish. Bad algae can grow in the aquarium, if the water has a low oxygen content. The good algae can produce a lot of oxygen.

The fresh oxygen can help the bacteria to eat everything that is in the water. The water can become more sweet and more clean for the people and the animals who live in the aquarium. The fresh smell of oxygen is very sweet, when the algae produce the oxygen during the day. The good algae convert the energy of the sun into the fat, oxygen, sugar, biological cells and other important things that help the nature to become a magic place.

The power of life on earth is very fragile. The humans and the animals do require a lot of good oxygen for good life. The green algae help the humans to stay alive. The bubbles of oxygen move algae into the air. The CO2 from the water becomes consumed by the algae. The green algae produce more oxygen than all of the plants on earth. The forests produce the oxygen, but the trees also consume oxygen at night, when they need to exchange gas in their leaves. The green algae produce more oxygen, than other plants. The green algae also grow very fast. The people on the land can be very happy about the free gift of oxygen.

It is very important to protect the environment. The forests can be destroyed, all plants can be destroyed on the land. When all of the algae are destroyed, then the earth will have no oxygen. Then the complex life forms will stop to exist and the bacteria will rule over the world. In reality, this will never happen, because the algae can grow very fast. Oxygen can be produced by the green algae very fast.

The fish in the water can predict the source of oxygen in the water. The children of the fish do like a lot of oxygen in the water. The eggs from the fish do grow faster, if the water has more oxygen. The parents of the fish love to lay their eggs in the water that has a lot of oxygen. The fish can swim faster if the green algae produce a lot of oxygen bubbles in the aquarium.

Many people love to grow algae at home. The algae can be eaten like salad or like a vegetable. The green algae have a lot of natural minerals and some vitamins. Some algae have a lot of good fat that can help the human brain to grow bigger and to have a better function. The people are very lucky that the green algae produce oxygen for free.

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  1. cool vid but those are not algae. Those are plants (egeria sp). Algae are unicellular organism way more simple than aquatic plants. You can look it up on google what algae looks like if you type for example diatom. 🙂

  2. Very cool. You know you can turn on an option to have control over approving comments. I had to do that on my YouTube videos because of all the immaturity around here.

  3. @samubabe101
    You are right. People are generally rude on the Net. Try Reddit or 4chan. You will see how rude people can really become, when they feel anonymous. Folks on Flickr are much politer. Vimeo and others are far better, if you want positive comments.

  4. is that little amount of plants creating that much extra O2 ? Amazing !! I learned something new today…. I have 3 tanks and never saw this happening in all those years…. (and i have an extra C02 – unit connected to my planted tank)

  5. @BusaFalconer wow you're such a little fucking disease. commenting on all my videos thinking you're cool. i hope you die in a fire because you obviously have no social life and your parents don't care for you. you're probably some spoiled peice of shit that no one likes, your dad does everything his precious little cock sucker wants him to. you WILL never be successful. even if i can't spell i don't give a fuck, im going to thadeus stevens where are you going, thats right no where

  6. DigialnY2003 is right. it is oxygen. I'm not an expert, but I don't believe plants 'convert' co2 in such a direct way as saying it that way implies- plants respirate just as animals do, and they do give off co2 while'breathing'. the oxygen pearling is from photosynthesis which produces oxygen, but at night without photosythesis more oxygen gets used than is produced.

    great looking anacharis btw! I see no algae…

  7. No, actually it IS oxygen. Plants pearl underwater when the water is already saturated with oxygen and the plant is converting CO2 to O2. Because no more oxygen can be dissolved into solution it's released as bubbles.


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