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Could Roseanne Barr be right?
You guys may have already seen this but I thought it was important to share because it’s being exposed by someone who has lived this lifestyle and knows the ins and outs of hollywood and the elites.

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  1. wow! love u Rosanne! some yrs ago i thought she was a dem. hmm shes to intelligent to b one tho. Thank u Rosanne for not being a wuss like half of hollywood while the other half is leading the fall of America and their very own freedoms.

  2. CALLING on all prayer warriors!!! Please pray for President Trump and his families safety. Revival starts with you who is reading this. Get saved /born again, if you're not.  READ the BIBLE.  Pass out tracts and talk to friends, neighbors and strangers.  PRAYER MATTERS.  Be a soldier for Jesus Christ.
       That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
    For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
    For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    You burn in hell forever, if you reject the blood of Jesus Christ that paid for your sins. Will you accept Him today???

  3. If you talk long enough you are bound to get a few points right, she hits the nail on the head at times and other times hits her thumb. Marriage was created to breed soldiers? No its called procreation and I think God might have something to say about that. She has a good heart and at least the courage to rage against the machine. Yes she would do well to keep her eye on the sky.

  4. Dear Roseanne, you are so correct…Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth….We will for the next 7 years remove the evil…Only with YHVH help…I would vote for you in a heart beat….

  5. Is that the Church of Scientology behind her? Those fuckers are Crowley lovers too. To be fair, they're all brainwashed but this is 2017, wake up and read the real news. They work 16 hours a day for $50 a week and the "church" doesn't have to follow labor laws because of their religious freedom.. ugh, sorry off topic.

  6. What Roseanne is saying here is true! and this not only applies in the USA but all over the world. The world has become so corrupt and evil exists in high governmental positions! There is a growing trend that uses high technology to manipulate and control people to twist their reality to suits the disgusting and appalling desires of these so called wicked ones in high places! The scariest fact is the blurred line between what is right and what is wrong!

  7. U expose the establishment, and u will pay, look at what happened to prince,, mentioning chemtrails. On the tavsit smiley show, look what happened to him, Michael Jackson mentioned Tommy matola look what happened to him, the government is evil, or what happened to Joan rivers after she mentioned about Obama being gay, and michell being a tranny, she died after a small operation, look out Roseanne,

  8. Gender expert ? Patriarchal system causes war ? Being male means you are violent ? Lol. Stupid people ? Wtf are you babbling about ? Roseanne jumped wildly from subject to subject without really saying anything about any of them. For example, When women rule the earth vs her Spartan woman arguments, they contradict each other. Another example, her MK Ultra teaches to blame the victim vs her 'Stupid' people telling 'Smart' people they are stupid arguments, she contradicts herself again. She is a scatter brain without the ability of self reflection. Listening to her talk about politics is like listening to my 14 year old daughter talk about her 'friends'. One minute 'Emily is my best friend !', the next minute 'Emily is a bitch!'. It's like watching tennis with a headache.

  9. I would vote for Roseanne for president…she pulls no punches and rolls with good laughs. Enjoyed this video. Quoting Jesus is where it needs to be right now. Right on Roseanne.

  10. Roseann represents many women of America. She has always been upfront and blunt with a little twist of profanity, but she has toned this down since aging. Roseanne is one of the few that is brave enough for coming out about Hollywood and the satanist that run it. We need to stop supporting the entertainment world that supports satanism. It isn't hard to tell who they are…See a real visible sexual insanity to their way of thinking…Sick and profound…Like Lady Gaga and Madonna.

  11. Roseanne Barr is a mentally ill woman who faked having MPD/DID in order to try and save her career. Nice to know that you have less than honest people on your side.

  12. Roseanne Barr was doing great until she dissed Spartan woman. I like Spartan women has nothing to do with war its hard love. Well ok shes a pacifist. There is a place and a time. But I am still impressed with her view and opinion. I am sure she takes a lot of flack from her Hollywood friends. Who I think for the most part are conformist lemmings. Afraid to say how they really feel because it may not be fashionable.

  13. Acting and comedy are both skills that require the gift of pretending. Because she did that so well indicates she IS brilliant. Now we're seeing her for who she is – without a script to attain a laugh – and she should be taken very seriously. Accountability is the key. We will all be held into account in the end. Thank GOD for CHRIST!

  14. What is this RT pig doing with this gender shit?? RT has turned to crap!! It's a man's fault that Hillary cut Ghadafi's head off?? A man's fault that Albright starved 500,000 Iranians to death? A man's fault that Nuland incepted a coup in Ukraine??

  15. COULD she be right. She is right. 100% right. The progressive left has destroyed a generation of minds. Drug addicted , uneducated young people. Horrible future for these people.

  16. Fearless ,brave,wide awake,patriotic,family oriented,a truly beautiful creation from God,so where's the voting booth.shes who I hope is first woman president….you need a good sense of humor for that job…she's even got that and then some

  17. I remember when one world order, new world order was a conspiracy theory and to even try to talk about it would make you lose credibility. Now politicians openly talk about it.

  18. Well heck yes they are pillaging the people's money. That is why they work so hard to privatize common goods, such as schools, post office, social security, etc…


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