President Obama was confronted by a mic check from Occupy Wall Street protesters in New Hampshire over the fact that he has not spoken out against the policy brutality against protesters. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains.

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  1. Oh, yeah – that's right. Let's go back to Clinton and skip over Bush Jr. Are you an idiot? Not that I'm a huge fan of Clinton per se. But just wanted to be fair. Not that any of you amerikan assholes care about that.

  2. You know the world is ending when the presidnet doesnt care wheather or not he gets elected. Romney would win, but only for a month while obama gets in his bunker, now thats funny.

  3. @sk8tafrnk They would get more public support from the American public if they actually organized & politicized themselves. U can only occupy empty houses for so long, before the government find away to evict/ arrest you. America is not like the Middle East, your problems are a drop in the ocean, your government can claim democracy, they are adept at deflecting real issues, ur media is also owned by the people your against- hence bias.For REAL change you should give Obama a run for his money.

  4. The occupy movement needs to organise and politicize themselves. That way they would have more influence and support, which would then lead to Obama trying to get on their good side.

  5. Yes Obama, you must address police brutality on Occupy and you must do it NOW. Never mind that black ppl have been screaming about police brutality for years without so much as peep from the left but now that its happening to OWS it needs to be addressed NOW. Yeah you get on that because NOW it's important

  6. I agree with a lot of Occupy Wall Street. But a lot of the protesters are retards. Some of them are not even registered to vote. The New York pigs were brutal as expected. One of those douche bags pepper sprayed unarmed women who were peacefully demonstrating. I knew that guy was a dick when I heard his nickname is Pepper.

  7. You all do know that regardless of whether or not they are democrats or republicans, they're both on the same side, right? The worst thing about most people, they're too blind to the obvious. (Seriously, if they gave a shit, they'd be repealing one another's laws every time one or the other was in power)

  8. @DTansy – You do know that the Banks got that "permission" because of a bill that was proposed and pushed for by Republicans, right? The worst thing about a Democrat? He's willing to compromise with assholes who aren't.

  9. @DTansy I'm not the one constantly posting on this page cause I'm butthurt as fuck. Get a job and quit bitching, Reagan and Nixon were some of our worst presidents. He mad.

  10. hey- occupy must really scare the shit out of our government – they all passed NDAA where any one under suspision can be taken away – Scared shitless I'd say – oh, and no more civil rights for you! ron paul 2012!

  11. @bigge525 … BS, the millions of jobs lost was after the senate and house was taken over by democrats in 2006 genius! LOL. Just like your "famous" clinton surplus ONLY occurred after the republicans took over the house and senate in 1995 after he was foreced to go along with republican spending cuts. See a trend here? So what's it like supporting Obama the worst president in US history? Must suck to be you! LOL

  12. @DTansy You must have had your head rammed up your ass for 8 years not to see what your brain dead GWB did to this country, Pull it out and look around you Stupid Fuck, Wipe the shit out of your eyes and stop BS yourself you're starting to believe the lies, It's brain dead fucks like you that are the problem in this country, You must like getting fucked in the ass by the ppl you put into office Damn you're pathetic the best part of you run down your mommas leg

  13. @DTansy They didnt have to beat you, You were born to fucking stupid borderline retard, Now do some research and stop falling for those stupid republican talking points, you ignorant fuck, And FYI I never once said I voted for Obama or was a Dem, My only point here is to lay out some facts to your BS, But I guess there is no fix to stupid, So you are really fucked,

  14. @DTansy Hey fuck head, Remember the surplus and GWB handed it out as tax refunds, Check your history before you start spewing shit out lips, The only history you stupid fucks know is what Fox or limpballs spews out their asses, and you stupid Idiots gobble it up like candy, LMAO you brainless twit, Reagan is the 1 who looted SS

  15. @aSingleDallasGuy Ya fuck head GWB spent the Clinton surplus, So add up what he spent and the debt he left, and it might even be over 14 trillion, Now go back to masturbating over your Rush Limbaugh poster, Read a book that has some actual facts instead of your how to be a complete republican idiot hand book you stupid fucks all seem to follow, Try thinking for yourself for a change, Oh shit you need a brain to do that Guess you're fucked

  16. @gritzschke … Yeah GWB created 14 trillion in debt! LOL… What a moron! Your idiot president has doubled it by himself. From Geaorge Washington thru GWB it was a total of 9 trillion. When Obamacare kicks in it will be atleast 18 trillion and already 15 trillion. Math isn't your forte'. A mind is a terrible thing to waste dumbass! You have to be the dumbest idiot on here and that's saying alot! You proved that Charles Darwin had it exactly backwards! LOL

  17. @aSingleDallasGuy Tax how else are we going to Pay the 14 trillion debt your hero GWB created? I dont know why you would be worried you dont have a job to pay taxes anyway, If you did you would know that Obama gave the working ppl in this country a Tax Cut, So if you want to call someone a moron , Pull your head out of your ass long enough to look in the mirror and see just what a Moron really looks like,

  18. @gritzschke …. If you and Obama had your way tax and spend is your answer to all problems. Too bad it doesn't work and now we have a 15 trillion dollar debt because of morons who think like you! Obama WANTS to tax. he says it everyday. Only republicans stand in his way. Obama has already spent a trillion to create jobs! guess what genius? he LOSt 2.4 million jobs since he became president! Keynsian economics is proven to be a failure! Which explains your love for it! LOL

  19. @coltonkilloran You know Colton, I used to think you were awesome. I looked up to you. But what you just said is ignorant. Even if you don't agree with what the protesters are saying, you have to at least recognize they have a right to do it without getting beaten or pepper-sprayed.

  20. @DillonDee1 But how do we stop this problem from happening? Lets face it, when we fix this, they will do this again, we the people will be used again. So how do we solve this delema. *Note this is not an agrument, I realy want to hear what you have to say, I will make no judggement*

  21. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Your presidency depends on your decisions in the next few months, so tread carefully!

    We know who the enemy is; those corporations that make record profits while cutting thousands of jobs, who gamble instead of investing in the country's future.

    It's time you stop sitting on the fence and looking like an idiot to both sides. Choose the CORRECT SIDE. Make a stand. Speak to the Wall Street supporters. Make it clear to everyone which party is responsible for Washington's gridlock

  22. @ownagenumba1 I keep hearing about deregulation…. what regulations do you want removed?!

    Because all I see deregulation leading to is more oil spills, heavier pollution, unsafe workplaces etc…

  23. @aSingleDallasGuy Tax and spend LMAO We are still on the Bush tax Cuts, Do some research before you start spewing out of your shit hole, Obama actually lowered the Taxes on the working ppl, If you had a job you might know that.
    Trickle down never worked and never will,
    And the spend ,You should do a little checking and see what happened with the surplus Clinton left to Dubbya

  24. I believe I found the transcript of Obama's remarks:

    To tha young R to tha E tha B to tha E tha L
    Never give up just live up
    Fed upon America
    We be spittin' it up
    Rippin' it up
    For an even amount in each cup
    To my brothers burning bare feet on black top
    Whose curled 'neath tha shadows
    From tha gaze of tha cops
    Whose huntin' for 9 to 5's through factory locks
    Is now hunted on this modern day auction block

  25. @mrfreedomdemocracy1 You are deluded, obama and OWS? who allowed the TSA groping and all the new restrictions on freedoms? it was FUCKING OBAMA! if you support this man you are a fool, upto 2 months ago i was pro-obama but look at him, he's just another wallstreet puppet.

  26. Obama is a tsa , police brutality , nwo supporter working for bankster crooks, if people cant see this by now you deserve what you get, if you want freedom REAL freedom, vote Ron Paul 2012. See how youngturks dont mention Paul , just the same as mainstream media, youngturks is mainstream media for youtube its no different than fox or cnn.


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